Thursday, February 09, 2006

Morning Yoga and New Bubs!

I’ve started teaching a bright n’ early class near my work and I must say, if you can make the effort to set your alarm a little earlier and make it to a class at what seems like the crack of dawn (!!) it’s an amazing thing to do. I used to do this quite regularly and I’m hooked again. When I get out of bed the sky is still dark, but as we’re stretching through our sun salutes and breathing the deep fresh air of the crisp morning, the sun starts to rise and it’s such an amazing experience. It really wakes you up for the day too – I’m loving it! In other news, big congratulations to my fellow yoga teacher training buddy, miss Laurelle, who recently gave birth to her first little one, a shiny happy baby girl called Annabelle. Congrats to you & Frank, Laurelle! You can see all my other teaching training friends below – this was taken at our final retreat at a beautiful eco-lodge near the mountains. x

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