Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Yoga in the Park

It's summer here in Sydney, and really there's nothing more fun than practicing yoga out in the sunshine! Fresh air, the smell of the grass and trees.... it's great! So this weekend I'm starting some yoga classes with some friends at a local park and we're all very excited. What a beautiful way to start the weekend! Have you ever practiced yoga outdoors? You must try it! If you'd like to set up a private yoga class with you and some friends, why not drop me a line? I teach classes in backyards, loungerooms, parks and other fun places so bring yoga home and start the new year off well! ps - I'm also looking to start some regular classes in a space around Sydney, so if you'd like some classes near you and you know of a nice roomy space/hall etc, pls do say hello and let me know!

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