Wednesday, January 25, 2006

What makes you SMILE?

It’s always good to write down the things that bring a smile to your face. Life should be happy! Right now I'm digging: + strawberries + sunshine + walking barefoot in the park + swimming on a hot day + holding hands + carrot, apple & ginger juice + singing out loud in the car + the new Iron & Wine:Calexico album + new books + my pink hula girl purse


Anonymous said...

I own a "Positivity Journal"--I've named it myself--and I only write positive things in it. I try to write every night about all the good things from the day. It's amazing how many great things you can think of that happened when you are forbidden to write negative things! Of course, I do have another journal where I'm free to write whatever...but that's another story.

shinyyoga said...

what a great idea!! i used to keep something similar - a gratitude journal. it's good to remember some happy things when you're in a bit of a dark mood!

Good for you : )

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