Thursday, January 12, 2006

swing dancing for those feel good vibes!

Yep – like 2 peas in a pod, like ebony and ivory living in perfect harmony, and like Kath & Kim, swing dancing and yoga go hand in hand! Yoga isn’t a stand-alone practice, and is perfect for anyone who enjoys any other sport or activity, as it:
  • improves mental focus
  • builds bone density, joint strength and stability
  • alleviates chronic and acute joint pain
  • improves general cardio-vascular fitness and stamina
  • addresses the body’s symmetry
  • and increases flexibility
I started up some swing dancing lessons this week and left the class with a huge smile on my face - I mean huge!! I was swinging, hopping and stepping out like there was no tomorrow and at times during the lesson I was literally laughing out loud! A room full of strangers, everyone there to dance and have fun... i was really really happy and I’m pretty stoked that the good mood it evoked has stayed with me today! Why not branch out and try something new yourself in 2006?

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