Friday, December 19, 2014

South Coast Retreat - Bookings Open on Monday

Exciting news :: Bookings for the south coast yoga + kinesiology retreat (8-10 May, 2015) will go on sale this coming Monday at 9am AEST.

It's a teeny tiny loved up intimate retreat - 10 of us all up, full of nourishing feasts, dreams, yoga, kinesiology, workshops, manifesting, wine, tea, divine flow and down time. And a little gift pack for you all as well  So yep, it will fill up quick.

Cost: $649 ($300 non refundable deposit due to hold your spot)

Location: Culburra Beach (south coast), not 3 hours from Sydney.

Questions? Hit me up! xo

5% Less

Throughout this past month of December I am noticing that students in class are tired. Weary, deep, bone-tired. And of course! It’s the end of a big cycle – 52 weeks, a full year, 365 days, loads of experiences, good and trying, topped up with the expectations of Christmas (and Christmas crowds and shopping!) and families, and goals both met and unmet and then bam! an event to shake us all up to the core. Wow. No wonder people are rubbing their eyes when they come to class, no wonder class number are smaller than usual, and heck, no wonder I’ve been tired myself. And yes, a little teary.

And honestly – I’m loving that people are tired. When people are tired, they listen. When they can’t do a strong practice, but still come to class, they allow themselves to rest in child’s pose. They allow themselves to back out of poses. They still show up – but just a little more gently.

They still practice yoga – just 5% less.

I love the book 10% Happier, which advocates being just a bit more happy than today. It’s not in a huge life-changing way that people need to flip the script most times, it’s just little by little, gentle nudge by nudge. It’s just moving in the direction of wellness. (That’s exactly what my one-on-one coaching packages are allll about!)

And so that’s why I’ve made every single class this month have a theme of 5% less. Five percent is teeny tiny – but man, it can actually create a whole new understanding.

We’re so asleep to life sometimes – so automated. So when we are encouraged to back out 5%, we must first be alert and awake to how much intensity we are giving things daily. In a yoga class, it looks like this:

 Do we normally do every single vinyasa and chattarunga? Or do we rest when we need?
 Do we automatically do every single suggested pose? Or is there a moment of connection and presence where we do it consciously, if needed?
 Do we do the stronger/strongest variation of a pose when our teacher gives us options? Or do we mix it up, class to class, depending on how we feel?

Without judgement, generally most students will do every single vinyasa, every single pose, and the strongest pose on offer. It’s just what we do.

And we live in a city that encourages this, so it’s understandable (PS Sydney, I love you, but your energy is HIGH and loaded with expectation).

But man, I adore December, and I adore tired students, because bone-tired-yogis finally allow themselves to slow down a bit, to stop, to smell the roses, to see things with new eyes.

It’s tiny. It’s just 5%. But wowser, I’m not going to lie, it’s life-changing.

So beloved, tell me, are you able to back out of your busy-ness just 5% this last week before christmas? What would that look like? When you’re walking in the streets, driving in the car, finishing up at work, connecting with friends – can you ease off, just 5%? In your yoga, in your exercise, in your Christmas-partying and day-to-day living, can you give yourself just 5% more space?

I’d love to hear how you go xo

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mofo is back! ie Create Your New Year Like A Rockstar

Want to come and create a 2015 that ticks all the boxes? 
Come fly with me (and Clare) and do just that.

Manifest Like A Mofo - the Kinesiology and Yoga workshop - is back. 
17 Jan. Book here. Start dreaming :)

PS - ALL previous Mofo participants get life-long return membership to any Mofo workshops, for just $20. So come and stay on track!! #communityrocks

Monday, December 15, 2014

Were you taken on a ride this year?

2014 - the year of the horse. Strap yourself in, take control of the horse, or be taken on a wild ride. Me? I was taken on a wild ride. Yep.

Job redundancies, career changes, heartbreak, amazing highs, loads of teacher training and international travel - it's been a wild ride, that's for sure! Most amazing though.  I have taken some time this weekend to look where I was just a year ago, and to see where I am now - man, I'm so proud of myself and happy.

What about your honey? Where were you this time last year and what's life look like now? What were your wins this year? What challenges did you overcome?

With all the travel I've been doing lately, it's been interesting to note just how little 'stuff' I really require. Nothing quite like being away from home for a few weeks, with just a backpack, to show you how much 'stuff' one really needs in life right?

Not to mention the vomiting bug I was struck with. Talk about purging in all areas of life! And it seemed really fitting - I am ready to say goodbye to this year, to pack up the lessons I've learned, pop them into my pocket, and leave behind the things no longer serving me. Really really ready.

So I've been on a little decluttering vibe (being inspired by loads of minimalist sites like this, and this). And yikes, how much stuff I can get get rid of! I am returning to full time study in the new year - so it's been a great cleanse to get rid of a lot of my career notes. You know, those lists and books and tools I might need for work.... gone! Eek! Scary, but exhilarating.

How has your last month been my friends? How are you feeling at this end of year? Are you taking time to be good to yourself? Time to just be? I'm noticing people in classes lately are oh so tired, so darling, are you taking time to slow down?

Oh, and I'm taking on new one-on-one clients for January 2015, to start the year afresh and empowered. If you're keen to create an awesome year, get in touch.

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Hafiz, Truth

Oh that Hafiz, wise before his time. ;)

I've done a lot of wonderful teacher trainings lately: Yoga Therapy, and Yin Yoga. I can't wait to share all the wisdom with you!

But I've also gotten sick a number of times in the last couple of months (which actually saw me leave one of the teacher trainings a couple of days early). My adrenals have flared up, my immunity is low, and the depression is big. 

In my Yoga Coach training we had to come up with our WHY - the reason why we wanted to do this work. Let's be honest, I'm not going to become a millionaire doing this yoga stuff - so there'd better be a good reason why we would put our blood, sweat, tears and passion into it. There has to be a reason behind all this study, all this investment - of time and money (I have the next 7 years of study mapped out, 2 more degrees - a life's passion!).

My reason was because I wanted to help people make a conscious decision to live brightly, and to help them see and feel the beauty in the world. 

I have lived a life that at times has had a lot of darkness, because depression, man it's a b!tch. But I also believe that this was my gift in life - to help other people find their way through anxiety, and stress, and burnout, and sadness.

So forgive me for the radio silence sweethearts, but know that I'm always doing my best to wake up and be awesome, over and over again, and to share these learnings with you.

With love xo

Earth Element :: Grounding

It's a beautiful sunny Saturday, and if you're free - I'm running an Essentials :: Earth Element workshop at Body Mind Life Surry Hills, at 12:30!

In Ayurveda, the element Earth is connected to our Root Chakra. Located in 
the base of the spine, it relates to our feelings of solidity, safety and connection to family or tribe.

This workshop will explore yoga postures that connect us 
to our base such as lunges, standing poses, forward bends, hip openers 
and restorative poses which help us find stability, resolve and grounding.

Awesome right? xo

Monday, October 20, 2014

Huge Announcement :: Bali Retreat 2015

As you know I recently did completed a Teacher Training (for 1-on-1 Yoga Therapy, you can book in here!) in gorgeous Bali, and simply, honestly, surprisingly fell in love with the place. 

Surprisingly because I thought I would be around lots of (drunk) Aussies and hey, I can do that at home. But like any place, of course, it's where you choose to spend your time, and who you choose to spend it with. And I was overcome with the 'heart' of the people and Bali. A poorer country, a country where you have to drink bottled water (and even brush your teeth with bottled water) but a country that made me realise how little heart, love and soul that many people have in Sydney. It is a country that made me want to be a better, move loving and generous person.

So while I was there, having a beautiful weekend off in Ubud - I made a decision. I'd be more loving, I'd create bigger communities, I'd share my gifts. So I am excited to announce - my first international retreat!  In Bali, baby!!! (you can hold your place with a deposit here)

Full information and flyer to come shortly (including breakdowns) but I wanted you lovely blog readers, my gorgeous friends, to be the first to know - put this date in your diaries! 
23-30 November, 2015

Yep, you've got a whole year to plan and get excited :) So no excuses right?

The amazing Clare Woodward and I will be running it - deposits and holding places are being snapped up now, and spaces are limited. Any questions? Hit us back!

And get ready to manifest a beautiful life :)

Dates: 23 November - 30 November, 2015 (checkout 11am Monday 30 November)
Join Kinesiologist/Transformational Life Coach Clare Woodward and Yoga Teacher/Therapist/Health Coach Stella Chambers on an 8 day, 7 night retreat in gorgeous Ubud, Bali (staying at the beautiful Nara Soma)
Yoga, kinesiology, workshops, cooking classes, meditation, self-love and reflection, plus downtime, swimming time, and you-time in the purpose-built meditation cave. Not to mention plenty of amazing markets, shops, monkies (yes! Monkey Forest) and food right at your doorstep in peace-filled Bali.
Full details and (all optional) daily schedules coming shortly, and will include:
‣ daily breakfast
‣ twice daily yoga (vinyasa flow in the morning, and yin yoga at night) in the stunning open-air yoga shala (mats and props all provided)
‣ twice daily meditation (in the serene meditation cave)
‣ 1 daily workshop (yoga, kinesiology, cooking, self-development etc)
‣ optional/extra excursions/activities
‣ 4 group dinners including last night celebration
Accommodation: all accom is shared rooms (if you would like a single room you must book early, and additional costs will be incurred. This is dependant upon availability) Please advise us if you would like to share with another retreat participant.
Want to come with family/partners? There are extra home-stays available so please get in contact if this is of interest.
Full prices are coming soon but will remain under $1600, including transfers. Flights to Bali are very reasonable if you book in advance!
Deposit: a $400 non-refundable deposit will secure your space. Full payment is due before Monday 12 October, 2015
Yep, a whole year to plan :)
Please note: There are limited spaces on this retreat so get in early to avoid disappointment.
Clare + Stella xo

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Manifest Like A Mofo - Kinesiology + Yoga Workshop, 15 November

15 November, Sydney

'What you seek is seeking you' - Rumi

We manifested our last workshop so well it SOLD OUT - so we're running it again! 

To manifest is to create; and to create is to bring something into existence. It means your daydreams, your fantasies, your desires become your REALITY. Effortlessly, magically, gracefully.

If your dreams, fantasies and desires are seemingly non existent in your life, then this is the workshop for you!

Join Yogi Stella Chambers and Kinesiologist Clare Woodward, as they take you through the energy psychology of Manifesting & Abundance. You will be provided with the tangible tools + techniques to get you there and most importantly, the secret ingredient.

What will be covered:
* A yummy + dynamic flowing Vinyasa Yoga Class (all levels welcome)
* Kinesiology techniques to clear blocked energy and tap into your brain potential
* Understanding of Yin/ Yang principles in relation to the 5 Elements
* A guided meditation to enhance your Manifesting abilities


Location: House of Yoga, 245 Chalmers Street, Redfern
When: Saturday 15 November, 12:30-3:30pm
Bookings: |

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Quiet Quest - Days 11-15: Unplugging & Filling Up

More and more throughout Quiet Quest I'm falling in love - falling in love with space and silence. When this whole journey started, I didn't think I'd even notice it that much. Boy, was I wrong! 

That is how insidious technology is. 

Don't get me wrong, technology is amazing. It helps connect people, it is a huge (huge!) part of my job, I love it. But I didn't realise how little quiet I have in my life, due to it.

I love reading - but I read on my kindle all the time.
I do a lot of cooking - but as I live on my own I always have music playing, podcasts on in the background, or the TV turned on low for 'background' noise.

I even do loads of meditation - with guided meditations!

None of this is bad. A lot of it is actually pretty awesome! But it's not stillness, silence, or just space. And space is a big thing for me right now. Returning from Bali has been really eye-opening to just how busy and packed our days/nights/time is here in Sydney.

Day 11: Today I had #NourishClub - a beautiful gathering of souls in my life, to drink tea and have a chat, IRL. Yep, face to face connection, and wow, it could have gone on for hours!

Day 12: Yoga outdoors? Today was the perfect day for it. I led an amazing #PinkRibbon Day Yoga class in Tamarama, in the glorious sunshine, and then had a cuppa with friends afterwards, followed by a most delish lunch. Whenever I'm looking to nourish myself, it's real time with friends - and it's no coincidence I've been doing that a lot during this quite time!

Day 13: Today was the perfect day to get my hands dirty in the kitchen again. I made an amazing Lemon & Coconut Bread and am still licking my fingers. Eating a gluten free diet means preparing a lot of stuff myself - and with amazing sites like this, it's not impossible to do. No music was blaring while I was cooking, no telly was shouting out in the background, it was really nice to be in the present!

Day 14: Yin Yoga was on the cards today. I'm actually doing a(nother) Yin Teacher Training late November so need to practice quite a few classes before I arrive, but really - one never needs an excuse to practice this most delicious restorative class. I've also been quite stressed lately - trying to juggle a new timetable, and Mercury Retrograde with all it's changes/endings/beginnings jumping out at me! So this was just what the doctor ordered!

The booty I got from my organic F&V box from Alfalfa House this week!
Day 15: Today is fruit & veg delivery day! My organic box of yumminess from the co-op is ready to be collected on Wednesdays, and I am loving being pushed out of my comfort zone and cooking with seasonal, brilliant organic produce. The weather in Sydney has been a little nuts over the last couple of days (I actually wore my ugg boots at home today!) so making up a soup from all my goodies was the perfect dinner to whip up. Again, tasting, smelling, being really present while cooking up a storm is a whole new experience when it's done whilst unplugged. Gimme more! (The result even tastes a little different!)

Quiet Quest is all about finding 30 minutes of silence each day (no electronic devices, music, TV, radio etc) to raise awareness and funds for The Yoga Foundation. You can sponsor me here.
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