Monday, May 04, 2015

Shiny Yoga on the mat

This week I am running my first yoga retreat with the gorgeous Clare from Woodward Institute (it's sold out! eek!) and I'm over the moon. Getting to share this yoga and life stuff with a gathering of beautiful people really floats my boat. We are heading to the South Coast's Culburra Beach - stay tuned for our next retreat dates, oh - and join the mailing list to get first dibs!

There's still some classes to come and find yourself at this week in beautiful Sydney-town though - come along:

Mon 4th -
7:30pm Yin at Egg Of The Universe

Tues 5th -
6:30am Open at Body Mind Life Surry Hills

Wed 6th -
6am Open at BML Bondi

Thurs 7th -
6am Open at BML SH

Fri 8th -
6am Open at BML Bondi

Sunday, May 03, 2015

May Music with love xo

A May play-list that has been doing the rounds in class lately. Heart and soul all the way, yogis xo

YIN AUTUMN WORKSHOP at My Asana - book now

I've upgraded! The Autumn Elemental Gatherings in Summer Hill sold out within 24 hours so I'm holding this monthly gathering on 31 May at the beautiful My Asana studio in Vaucluse. Still small and intimate, all props provided, 2 hours to let go, fill up and restore.

Find quiet, introspection and really, find YOU, in these small group immersions. Talk about bliss!

Keen to book? My Asana are taking spaces now and spots are limited to if you want some loving, get in touch now xo

Sunday May 31, 11:30am - 1:30pm (2hours)
Investment: $50 per gathering

Monday, April 20, 2015

Shiny Yoga on the mat

Ready for some shiny yoga? Would love to have you come and practice and get all soft n lovely with me xo
Tues 21st -
6:30am Open + Meditation at Body Mind Life Surry Hills
Wed 22nd -
6am Open at BML Bondi Beach
Thurs 23rd -
6am Open at BML SH
Fri 24th -
6am Open at BML BB
Sun 26th -
5:45pm Essentials + Meditation at Egg Of The Universe Rozelle
7:30pm Yin at EOTU

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Yin Gatherings - want in? xo

Happy Autumn, shiny ones!

In this time of introspection, what better practice is there than a yummy, quiet and restorative yin class?
I'm holding some monthly yin gatherings in Summer Hill this Autumn. Max 4 (yes, 4!) people each class, all props provided, 2 hours to let go, fill up, and restore.

I'm finding a calling for small group work lately, and if this resonates, I'd love for you to come along. Keen to book? Please get in touch and let me know which date. Obviously these will fill quick sticks so if you want some loving, get in touch now xo

Thursday May 14, 6:30pm (2hours)
Tuesday May 19, 6:30pm (2hours) 
Investment: $40 per gathering

Calling on Rumi

Ever have those moments where you just want to shout (and scream, and cry) to the universe, "GIVE ME A BREAK!"? Well, I've had a few of those lately. 

I've had to defer my uni studies and deal with some life stuff, which is the right thing to do, but so heart-breaking at the same time. So yeh, you could say that the last few weeks of my life have been a little intense. 

Today is the first day I've taken a couple of breaths and felt some space in my contracted, scared body. Today is the first day I can look at a positive quote, and not want to throw the computer out of the window in disbelief.

So today, I'll share it with you. Because you're not alone lovely, no matter what you're going through.

You are the ocean. You are the universe. And tomorrow is a fresh day x 

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

When things fall apart....

I've been reading this post a lot lately, it's getting me through some hard times. Hey, everything will pass....

28 Ways To Bounce Back When Everything Goes Wrong

(Read the whole article here
When everything goes wrong, remember:
  1. Everything is temporary, even this.
  2. Happiness is a result of your approach to life, not what happens to you.
  3. The things, even those that seem small, that are going right in your life.
  4. The people who are in your corner.
  5. What you care about most and what you can let go of.
  6. That you ultimately choose how you react.
  7. Your resilience in other tough situations.
  8. Bad times don't define you, but your approach does.
  9. Worrying, anger, complaining, denial or any of the infinite other ways we try to circumvent pain when things go wrong won't change the situation.
  1. Panic or get too far ahead of yourself.
  2. Go immediately to blame and criticism.
  3. Lash out.
  4. Self-destruct or numb yourself.
  5. Neglect your needs.
  6. Ignore your intuition.
  7. Focus on what should have been instead of what is.
  8. Try to control what is out of your control.
  9. Remind yourself of every other terrible thing that has ever happened to you.
  10. Ask "what if" or "why me" without also reminding yourself of what's possible and what makes you strong.
  11. Focus on others' opinions, because they're a reflection of the speaker, not you.
  12. Worry about who you are or are not impressing.
  13. Isolate.
  1. Accept, accept, accept.
  2. Stick to the present. Rather than worrying about the future or dwelling on the past, focus on what is actually happening now and what is actually in your power to do now.
  3. Focus on realistic expectations for yourself and the situation.
  4. Differentiate what you can and what you cannot change.
  5. Take one step, then another. Even if they're just baby steps, keep moving.
  6. Rather than focusing on the worst case, think instead of what else is possible.
  7. Look for the lesson. Challenging situations can often teach us what we have left to learn.
  8. Keep a positive attitude by remaining focused on solutions, skills, and strengths.
  9. Start small.
  10. Spend time with the people who support you.
  11. Appreciate the things going well, savor simple pleasures, and try to find the hidden gifts in the difficult times.
  12. Take care of yourself.
  13. Treat yourself with love and respect.
  14. Rejuvenate rather than simply tuning out or unplugging.
  15. Ask for help sooner rather than later.
  16. Consult or get a second opinion.
  17. Take the steps you need to keep working toward what you want in life.
  18. Sometimes we are too close to a situation to see it for what it is. Try looking at the situation from someone else's point of view.
  19. Give it the test of time. Ask yourself if this will mean the same thing in one, five, or 10 years. Look at the situation as a relatively short segment in the timeline of your life.
  20. Move, your body that is. Get moving to discharge energy. Walk 10 minutes in any direction starting wherever you are then turn around. Go for a swim. Plan a hike.
  21. Laugh. Watch a comedy. Call up a bubbly friend. Consider the stand-up routine version of this situation.
  22. Help someone else in need.
  23. Write. Vent your frustrations about this situation, brainstorm strategies to get out of it, or write about a more positive time in your life.
  24. Find a creative outlet.
  25. Read and reread motivational, inspirational, or encouraging words from others.
  26. Get outdoors and get inspired. Watch the sun rise or set. Listen to the birds. Take it all in to gain perspective.
  27. Give yourself a minute to regroup. Assess damages, sort out what can and cannot be done, or just get out of the middle of the situation.
  28. Choose one big goal to work on in order to make a lasting change.

Monday, April 06, 2015

It's not all true, you know

We are constantly judging our insides, on the outsides of others.
It's not useful, and it's not true.

Love to you x

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Do you have the courage to believe that you are valuable? That deep inside you there is sacredness? If you're waiting for confirmation, this is it. ‪#‎believe‬
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