Saturday, August 23, 2014

Create Some Miracles

Did you know that the most amazing Alexandra Franzen is coming to lead some writing workshops here in Sydney - and I didn't find out till they were all sold out? EEK. But it's all good because her website is still full of amazing juicy nuggets and treats to inspire us daily. 

Like this for example - her ideas below on what would be a miracle (below). 

I'm writing this to you from my sick bed (the gastro bug that has wiped through the country, so it seems, landed squarely in my belly and just Did. Not. Want to move on - I ended up in hospital as I couldn't keep anything in and was severely dehydrated, wah!) - so have some time to while away on the internetz, and this is gooood. Will you do it with me?

Journals - ready - go! 

What would feel like a miracle right now?
That’s it.
Ask that question.
And listen closely.
Maybe your people will say …
For me? A miracle would be …
: Completing a half-marathon.
: Falling back in love with my partner.
: Finishing the book I’ve been sitting on for five years.
: Fitting into my clothes + feeling at home in my own skin.
: Having a chance to unplug + get out of town for a few days.
: Knowing how to throw the ultimate dinner party, like, tonight!
: Knowing how to say to my boss, “I’m not doing that.”
: Knowing how to get my teenager to cooperate.
: Really believing that I can do ____________.

Go be a miracle worker.

Your hOMework beloveds, is to pull out the journal and spend some quiet time doing this. The first step to finding flow in your life is getting clear on what you want. So put the pen to paper!

Upon my return from a September teacher training (in Bali, for a whole month!) I am focussing on miracles, and planting them in reality, so my journal is full of doodles, notes, dreams and ideas. Can't wait to share them with you xo

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Herbal Remedy for Life Ache

Oh how I adore Michael Leunig, who just sums up the struggles of the world so eloquently.

I do love this one I saw today - and was actually about to write a post on how, honestly, at this moment, I'm not coping so well in the managing stress part of life. BUT actually, I'm going to practice a bit of self-compassion instead of judgement, because really, I am indeed taking steps towards grace.

I cancelled some plans this weekend, so I could stay home, cook up a feast and nurture myself. This meant disappointing people, and ouch, for a people-pleaser like me, that was hard going. But I did it. I've also been eating well #foodismedicine. I've been reaching out to my amazing support team (friends, therapists, naturopaths, kinesiologists, massage therapists - I've got them all on speed dial!) ;)

So actually, while I've yet to sit under a tree and contemplate the other tree, I'm doing ok. Are you doing ok sweetheart? xo

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

When is the last time you were held?

I always love to hear what jumps out at students after a yoga class. Was it a certain pose that got things moving? A quote? A small remark?

This week, it was a question I asked, out of the blue, in a yin yoga class. In an effort to get the yogis to surrender over the bolster and to move from adjusting & fixing, into acceptance and softness, I asked everyone "When was the last time you were held? When was the last time you really allowed yourself to surrender?"

I will be honest, as always, and say that I was actually asking myself this question. Lately I've been feeling the effects of Winter - the tiredness, the desire to hibernate and sleep, to eat and nourish, and slow down. And as usual, I've not really heeded the call as well as I could. I know I'm not alone in that either! Many of the yogis I'm meeting on the mat are telling me similar stories - that they're tired, but busy. And life must go on!

And yes, it must - but we can definitely show up with a different energy when we do our practice, when we run our errands and live our lives. We can feel our feet on the ground as we walk to our appointments. We can practice a strong vinyasa class but perhaps take a few more child's poses than normal. We could even swap a dynamic practice for a yin class.

While I've got the opportunity to teach, I'm snapping up classes and sharing my love of yoga around Sydney. But the last couple of days my adrenals started whimpering, so they felt! And I'm a pro at listening to my body now (you'd hope the lesson was learnt after burning out!) - so, I'm being very mindful of the energy I'm bringing with myself to my day's tasks.

I'm mindful that I need to up my meditation practice.
I'm mindful that green juices are coming in, and sugar filled snacks are on the out.
I'm mindful that I need to be held - and have booked a massage with my favourite massage therapist.

In honour of surrendering, yogis, take care xx

Friday, June 27, 2014

Manifest Like A MoFo!

Time to make shift happen! I'm partnering up with the brilliant kinesiologist/life coach Clare Woodward, to present this amazing workshop in a few weeks time.

Come along! xo

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Huh? What?

I have no idea how it got to be the end of May already, but time flies when you're having fun... so they say! And fun is what I've been having, that's for sure.

This 'trusting the universe' thing is not easy, but my faith has been well placed because many opportunities have settled into my lap and I have a big smile on my face. The lesson I'm learning (and Danielle LaPorte has said this!) is that often it's what you say NO to, that defines your path.

I have many opportunities right now, and I'm getting much better at choosing the best thing for me - and it feels good. Honouring yourself, your time, your effort - it's brilliant and warm and fuzzy and I am becoming a fan of it :)

There will be more posts coming soon, but in the meantime, just a hello - and a sneak peak at a fab new shoot I had with an amazing photographer and gal, Gaby xoxo

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Upcoming Workshop :: Yoga* Off The Mat, a 6 week course of change, playing big, & the ripple effect

* and tea!

Find your deeper purpose
Cultivate community
Make a difference

Yoga (& tea) Off The Mat is a 6 week course of creating gentle but phenomenal change in one's life. We'll play with self-exploration and inquiry, have a look at yoga philosophy and how it relates to our modern day living, dive deep into purpose, and be empowered to create a shining ripple effect of change in our world.

Inspired by Off The Mat, Into The World's Yoga In Action program & Gabby Bernstein's May Cause Miracles curriculum, participants will join together each week and be motivated to play big. 

Enrolments will open soon for this intimate gathering; register your interest here xo

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wellness Coaching Available

I've got some good news, precious ones! I've created some time in my schedule and have freed up spots to take on 4 more Wellness & Health Coaching clients!

We'll use yoga, meditation, functional assessment and a beautiful mix of holistic methods to help you bloom into your brightest self. There are both one month kickstart programs, and heavy duty (life changing!) 3 months packages.

Book your spot now xo

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